Photography of Nina Lesznik standing in front of hanging film posters for her production design projects "Lockdown" and "Der Andere"

Production Design

A design discipline I enjoy working at since 2015

Made for

FR Entertainment Film & Fernsehproduktion GmbH + ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehspiel
Director: Bogdana Vera Lorenz
Director of photography: Benjamin F. Wieg
Production Design: Carina Cavegn

ZAHLTAG (2017)
HFF München, Schöne neue Filme, hadifilm GbR
Director: Felix Kempter
Director of photography: Eugen Gritschneder
Production Design: Carina Cavegn

ceres Film und Fernseh GmbH in coproduction with HFF München
Director: Lukas Baier
Director of photography: Tilmann Wittneben
Production Design: Arabella Wunderlich

My Contribution

Production Design Assistance

Realisation of set design concepts and production designs.

Photography of Nina Lesznik holding a lange film poster of her production design project "Zahltag"
Screenshot from "Zahltag" showing the main character looking into the camera
Screenshot from "Zahltag" showing the main character siting on his balcony


Let’s collaborate

I‘m always looking to make partnerships with great people. Wherever you‘d like to start a project, learn more about what we can to for you, or just talk life over the best cup of coffee in town, I’m excited to hear from you.


Nina Lesznik

I’m Nina Lesznik, a freelance designer & production designer from Munich, with a reliable, exact and result-oriented approach to work. Conceptual work is one of my strengths.
Currently I’m finishing my design bachelor study and preparing for an interior design master study.

Take a look at my design portfolio to see some of the work I’ve done so far.