Nina Lesznik Portrait

Hi! I’m Nina.
I’m a designer who is always up for new experiences.

Featured Work

May The Tempest CD Cover Design Mockup
Photography of sunrise behind a tree
Penny Granny Production Design Mockup on MacBook Pro
Photography of Nina Lesznik standing in front of hanging posters showing her Production Design Projects "Lockdown" and "Der Andere"

Featured Skills

May The Tempest Album Concept Design Mockup


Photography of Deathcoustic band members standing in a field


Photography of Nina Lesznik holding a poster of a production design project "Zahltag"


Let‘s connect

I‘m always looking to make partnerships with great people. Wherever you‘d like to start a project, learn more about what we can to for you, or just talk life over the best cup of coffee in town, I’m excited to hear from you.