Nina Lesznik

Nina Lesznik - Portrait
SINCE 2015

I started working avocationally as a Production Designer, as well as a Communication Designer later on, to gain some work experience in these fields.

Since the beginning of this, I have done various tasks that have solidified my manual skills and operating the common programs. My strength lies in conceptual work, in planning how to fulfill a project, which aspects should be covered, even before production has started.
I am very resilient and work precisely under pressure. Another strength is my perfect sence of colors and structures.

SINCE 2017
Design Student (BA)

The focus of this study is to learn a conceptual way of designing that works both in individual work as well as in teamwork and prepares us for a visual examination of problems and questions.

In each semester we ask ourselves a joint question and develop individual answers, participate in current design discourses and topics, plan and execute a design experiment.



I‘m not only good at communicating in general, but also confident at constructive discussions. Both in German and English.
Design works best with proper communication and conversation in my expierence.


Both in university life and my self-employment, I‘m confronted with working in a team on a daily basis. This interaction is rewarding, inspiring and more than essential for valuable Design.


Deadlines, client satisfaction and the stress involved are familiar to me. I‘m able to stay focused in situations of unforeseen and increased work requirements.

Keen perception

I‘m eager to learn new things and skills. My quick comprehension allows me to grasp complex tasks.

Ability to take criticism

„I like criticism. It makes you strong.“
– LeBron James


In my opinion, one can create outstanding ideas with constant self-discipline and self-control.

Nina Lesznik - Portrait
I’m a very interested, adaptive person with a reliable, exact and result-oriented approach to work. Conceptual work is one of my strengths.
What I love to do

Interior Design, Production Design, Photography, Graphic Design

Curriculum Vitae

If you are interested in seeing my CV and what exactly I have gained so far from work experience, then take a look at my XING or LinkedIn profile.

Production Design

If you would like to see which film and TV productions I have participated in, visit my Crew United profile.

Let’s connect

Feel free to get in touch anytime, whether for work inquiries or just to say Hi.
Currently I’m a bit occupied with finishing my bachelor study, but I’m always happy to hear interesting proposals.